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Do you have an iPhone?

There are a number of panoramic image apps which exist for the iOS platform, many of these apps create good panoramas which are perfectly suited for use with Virtual Tour Online.

Any application which creates a wider image in a standard looking format, known as rectilinear, will work fine with our service.

Why not try out some of the apps available and reduce the need to carry a camera for the creation of your virtual tours?

As an added bonus, if you are using iCloud to sync your photos, you won’t even need to connect your iPhone to your computer – simply access your photos directly from your iCloud. This could even allow a co-worker to gain access to your panoramic images and generate the virtual tour without you even needing to return to the office.

In the coming weeks we’ll be doing a review of the panoramic image creation apps available on the App Store. But for now, why not try them out for yourself and tell us which ones you like to use.

To get started, just go to the App Store and use the search word ‘panorama’. Many apps have reviews, and some of the apps available are free.

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