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Sony’s Sweep Panorama

Our service is fully compatible with Sony’s new Sweep Panorama technology.

Sony has recently developed a new technology called Sweep Panorama which is built in to a number of it’s recent Cyber-shot models of digital camera. Virtual Tour Online have thouroughly tested this technology for the estate agent industry and we’re very impressed.

You simply hold the shutter down and rotate on the spot while the camera does all the work. With this technology you no longer need to manually line up each picture and the scene is stitched in a matter of seconds ready for you to preview. Our tests showed that this technology is more resistant to common problems with taking panoramic photos.

We recommend that the camera is used in Vertical Wide mode which produces a 185 degree scene but gives you increased height so you can see more of the room, please see the animation above for more information on this mode.

Using a Sony Sweep Panorama capable digital camera has the following benefits:

  • faster scene taking with one smooth motion shot rather than several single photos with no need to manually line up the next photo,
  • stitched scene can be viewed immediately while still at the property – if you see an obvious problem with the stitching you can simply take the scene again,
  • fully compatible with Virtual Tour Online.

See more information on Sonys Sweep Panorama technology including which models of digital camera have this technology built in. The entry level model DSC-W350 was our test camera and it performed brilliantly. Priced from £149.99 to £179.99 in major high street retailers. Producing and getting your virtual tours online just got easier and faster.

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