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New Account Centre

It’s finally here, your new account centre is now live. What’s all the fuss about I hear you ask? Well, all the same features are available to you when you log in and they all work in the same way however things all look a little different. The main benefit of the new account centre is improved work flow. You can now manage your scenes and virtual tours without ever navigating away to sub-pages; this should significantly speed things up for you. We’ve also done away with some of the confirmation messages that we know some of you found a little annoying.

The new account centre also makes it possible for us to introduce new features and improvements to you going forward, the first of which is available right now…

Super fast photo upload

No, we haven’t increased the speed of the internet, we’ve simply used a clever bit of technology. When you choose a photo to upload, it’s resized in the background by your web browser before you even click on the upload button. As a result you only ever send a smaller photo to us, meaning uploads happen in a fraction of the time. No more waiting for photos to upload and no more manual resizing.

Speed comparison with average broadband connection, 512kb/s using 3MB photo.
Regular photo upload: 45 seconds
Super fast photo upload: 0.9 seconds

This feature is only available to you if you use the Google Chrome web browser (Or Mozilla Firefox but we prefer Chrome). It is not compatible with Internet Explorer – but don’t blame us, Microsoft are unfortunately a little way behind in the ‘browser wars’ and it’s not possible to implement just now. We will of course roll it out for Internet Explorer when Microsoft have played catch up.

We strongly recommend installing Google Chrome as your web browser as we will be introducing some exciting new features in your account centre soon which will only be available to those of you using the Chrome browser. The installation process is quick and painless – Go for it, download Google Chrome. You won’t look back.

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